NRcontrol – software to control ONKYO AVR's via network


NRcontrol 0.14

A service release that hopefully addresses most crashes seen so far. Let me know whether you still experience any crashes.

Links to the download pages:
NRcontrol 0.14


Font quality under Windows 7 – Conman font for NRcontrol

A little tip Windows 7 users:
I just moved my development environment over to a Windows 7 PC. After the initial installation of the Conman font, the font looked quite bad.
By default my Windows 7 has the ClearType option turned on with my 24″ Eizo LCD. I opened the control panel – went into Display-Appearance and then into Cleartype – text adjustments, disabled Cleartype, then I was taken through an wizard dialog with a couple of text displays. Selected the best looking text examples, most of the times this was the pre-selected box, and then the Conman font in the NRcontrol application was looking just as perfect as it did on the old WinXP PC.

NRcontrol 0.13b

Just minor bug fixes and a test of a new storage location.

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NRcontrol 0.13

!! This is not the latest version of NRcontrol !!
– See the latest version by clicking on the blog title…

NRcontrol is a .net application that allows you to control an ONKYO audio video receiver with Ethernent connection (the mid to high range models) with a few mouse clicks from your PC.

Main window:

slim window mode:

small window:

For download see link in the most recent post. Latest version is 0.20

The application requires two special fonts. Make sure these fonts are installed on your PC before you start NRcontrol.exe. Both fonts are available for free here: