NRcontrol – software to control ONKYO AVR's via network


NRcontrol v0.2 – Input selection freely configurable

A new version with some minor bug fixes, but most importantly via “Display” you can reach in the Options dialog a new tab were you can configure the available inputs on the main NRcontrol GUI. This should allow to adapt NRcontrol to other models than my TX-NR807. Tough I can’t test it, unless a noble benefactor likes to honor my work for the Onkyo community with a generous donation.  For a proper user interface you have to install  the two special fonts mentioned in the earlier posts and you should switch of Cleartype in Windows 7 and 8.


NRcontrol Download. You must change the ending from”.pdf” to “.exe”. NRcontrol does not need installation, it just runs ,-) I like to keep it simple.


Poll: What’s your Onkyo model? Compatibility with NRcontrol?

I would be really grateful if you could provide some feedback about your Onkyo model and how it works with NRcontrol.
Many thx in advance.