NRcontrol – software to control ONKYO AVR's via network


NRcontrol v0.2 – Input selection freely configurable

A new version with some minor bug fixes, but most importantly via “Display” you can reach in the Options dialog a new tab were you can configure the available inputs on the main NRcontrol GUI. This should allow to adapt NRcontrol to other models than my TX-NR807. Tough I can’t test it, unless a noble benefactor likes to honor my work for the Onkyo community with a generous donation.  For a proper user interface you have to install  the two special fonts mentioned in the earlier posts and you should switch of Cleartype in Windows 7 and 8.


NRcontrol Download. You must change the ending from”.pdf” to “.exe”. NRcontrol does not need installation, it just runs ,-) I like to keep it simple.


NRcontrol v0.18 with “PC” input selection for x08, x09 models

Here comes a new version with a “model detection” in order to have a PC input selector instead of the TV/Tape selector when a model with “08” or “09” in the model name is being detected.

I can’t fully test this since I work with an 807 model. Let me know whether it works. In addition a small change in the background to eliminate some detection problems on the network.

NRcontrol v0.18b

Digital Readout font
Conman font

For Win7 users to consider: Conman font quality in Win7


Poll: What’s your Onkyo model? Compatibility with NRcontrol?

I would be really grateful if you could provide some feedback about your Onkyo model and how it works with NRcontrol.
Many thx in advance.

NRcontrol v0.17h

System requirements:
– Windows XP/Vista/7
– framework 3.5
Installed Fonts:
– Conman;
– Digital ReadOut;

New features:
-new list view underneath lower panel for last songs played,
-Port: some basic support for iPod via UP-A1 dock, Last songs are listed in list view too, Play button acts as well as “Pause/Play” button
-LastFM: optional checkbox for listening songs only up to 50.1% – the trigger for additions to the personal library – to shorten the time for building up a personal library
-iRadio: a cascading menu is being implemented to select directly a internet radio station (please report problems!)
Standby light dot is blinking red when command is send to the Onkyo – mirros the Onkyo behavior
Lower panel opens and closes with a decent animation
Clicking on the blue banner wraps around the receiver display brigthness
User can implement the Onkyo logo instead of the NRcontrol logo – I’m sure you’ll find out howto..

Bug fixes:
– now opens web menu w/ correct ip address /web configuration menu didn’t open
– fixed ever appearing messagebox when wrong IP address from other network device has been entered
– removal of Message boxes for upper menu structure in the iRadio Station selection menu.
– again some fixes of “dpi” issues – v0.17e
– fixed input selection of sources DVD/BD, VCR/DVR , and TV/Tape v0.17g
– fixed update of Audyssey and Music Optimizer button when input or listening mode is being changed.
– any model name should be read correctly and be displayed on the front – I hope.. v0.17h
– selection of Personal library in via context menu has been fixed to work correctly v0.17h eventually…

– added feedback in the main info panel when the radio station is being changed – mirrors the Onkyo AVR display.
– added retrieval of model name from Onkyo
– replaced default Album cover
– started implementation of full speaker layout panel – right now only “Z2” with some kind of function.. (+ little “Z4” test gimick)
– some more additions to the “Umlauttabelle” to deal with the Onkyo stupidity
– re-arranged window control buttons in the small traymenu window to gurantee accessability at all times
– improved design for “selector cross” buttons
– last status of synchronization checkbox for Zone2 volume is being remembered now in config file
– some code and GUI object’s clean up – reduced file size

Download link NRcontrol v0.17h
Conman font
Digital Readout font

A little tip: click on everything you can see and you’ll find out most fiunctionality in NRcontrol. Images, Labels, Text, a lot of it has functionality, try it..

Frequent updates

Since winter is coming I’m improving NRcontrol almost every few days. Right now I don’t have any automatic routines in NRcontrol for notifying users about new versions.
In case you’re interested to be notified please use the blog subscrition option on the right side or contact me directly at “minimaster” at “gmx” dot “com”. I won’t use your email addresses for anything else than notifying you about updates of NRcontrol.

NRcontrol v.0.16d

This is not the latest version of NRcontrol
– See the latest version by clicking on the blog title…
or here NRcontrol v.0.17e

New features:
-Volume display can be switched from absolute to relative (-xx db) via Options dialog
Artist text and album cover are hyperlinked to Lastfm wiki page (using the default browser)
added Stop button to Lastfm toolbar
small album cover images are upscaled to make full use of the available space

Bug fixes:
– main Window disappeared when network input was disabled
– NRcontrol works now with different screen dpi’s
– the personal LastFM library can be started by double-clicking on the large green “iRadio” text. For that to work the list of Radio stations must be read once into NRcontrol via the options menu, so NRcontrol knows where it can find the LastFM station in the Onkyo menu structure. There might be problems with the command timings for that, if so please let me know.
– mute for main volume did not blink
– little improvement in handling some IP conflicts
– Delay times for sending multiple commands were not considered in v0.15
– Click on Zone2 text and Zone2 logo works now reliable to switch Zone2 on/off.
– Zone 2 volume control via main dial on AVR itself has been fixed (was able to run away by itself) Hint: NRcontrol must be in middle size window mode with volume control set to Zone2 to be able to control the volume of Zone1 with the Zone1 one dial on the Onkyo AVR itself, and not only via NRcontrol.

– new code for downloading album covers to avoid blocking the main window
– some additions to the “Umlauttabelle” to deal with the Onkyo stupidity

Known issues:
– no support yet for USB input selection
– The change of the volume display type is not transferred to the Onkyo and vice versa “cosmetics”
– NRcontrol does not recognize when Onkyo AVR is switced off manually
– When Zone1 is switched off, the main display is being switched off regardless whether Zone2 is active or not.

NRcontrol v.0.16d

NRcontrol v.0.15

A new verion with a significant rework of the start up sequence to address problems with the network itself, or when the Onkyo is not available on the network.
In addition I’ve started to add another sub form for “Options”. These options can be reached by clicking on the display radio button. As before you’ll need to install the two specific fonts mentioned in the previous post.
Please report any problems.